Our courses

If this is your first pregnancy, you will find the classic ante-natal course in this section, as well as a range of courses for other situations.  We hope you will tell us what you would like from your ante-natal course – we would love to provide it.  We have the knowledge but we would like to deliver it in a way that suits you, so do call us to plan your ideal course, at your ideal time, in your ideal venue.

Many of these elements are touched upon in ante-natal courses, but once you have your own baby you may want more detailed information.  We have created a number of courses and workshops to help you navigate the early days.  The elements of each course can be taken separately and even delivered in your own home so that you get exactly what you need.  Do call us so that, together, we can plan the support you want.

Just when you think you’ve got it sorted, your baby becomes a toddler and life throws you a curve ball!  Teething, potty training, sibling rivalry and more – all these are a normal part of your child’s development, but with a bit of forward planning they need not de-rail your lives.  We have experts who can help with any aspect of your child’s development so do call us to discuss your specific issues.

The focus on teenagers to achieve academically has led to many life skills being sidelined, and yet the step from adolescence to adulthood is fraught with unknown situations and even more competition than ever.  These courses have been developed in response to the schools with which we work and are tried and tested by very exacting clients – the pupils themselves! 

All our courses can be tailored to suit your needs, but these services are specifically for you.  They are aimed at reducing stress, maximising time you spend on other activities or simply making experiences more private and personal for you.

These are the emergency services!  Not quite 999, but when life is getting too much and you can’t cope, just call us.  Whatever the problem you are facing, a problem shared (particularly over a cup of tea) is a problem halved, and it is rare that a situation is beyond the skills of our team to resolve – non-judgementally and without trauma.

About us

At Born To Parent we pride ourselves on providing tailored ante-natal, post-natal and other parenting courses and services in the way which suits you.

All our courses and consultancy services are described in full on this website, however, all or parts of every course can be tailored to your specific requirements

We will use our extensive network to find the right person to help, whether you need guidance with potty training, weaning or any other childhood issue, or whether you would like us to find the perfect nanny.

There is no course scheduled.

So please do call us.  A website can never be more than an introduction to a service, and we would love to get to know you and what you would like. 

Find out more about us on our blog at https://borntoparentblog.wordpress.com or our Twitter account at @BornToParent