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Classic Ante-Natal

This course can be offered at a time and place to suit you.  It could be 6 weekly sessions or 2 day long sessions.  One to one or with a group of friends.  In your home, office or any place to suit you.


  • preparing for labour;
  • birth plan, including questions to ask and packing a hospital bag;
  • types of birth, including induction, C-section, ventouse, forceps;
  • types of pain relief;
  • the anatomy and physiology of birth;
  • breastfeeding and bottle-feeding;
  • recovery from birth including diet, fitness and general health;
  • employing a doula, maternity nurse, night nanny and other support;
  • preparation for early parenthood;
  • couples’ relationship before, during and after birth.

The specific content is flexible to cover all the requirements of the attendees, because we believe this is a course which should be all about you.  After the course we will arrange monthly coffee mornings so you can maintain the friendships you have made during the course.


The course is 6 evenings and is open to both men and women, although one evening will be set aside for women only and there is an optional “Fathers Only” evening too.


The majority of this course is taught by Emily and she will invite people with other specialities to join you at various points during the course.  Emily’s passion for ensuring you feel in control of your labour and the birth of your baby shine through every evening.  She will ensure you have all the information you need so that you feel in charge of this special time.  Emily says: “It really is a journey, and the mother should be in the driving seat – the professional is just the map reader.”


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