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Early Days Care

The first few days can pass in a haze of joy, but sometimes when reality kicks in it can feel overwhelming and daunting.  Previous generations benefitted from a longer stay in hospital post-natally with more support available to them.  Today, mothers are encouraged to return home sooner so it can be helpful to have some personalised guidance. This short course can be tailored to your needs and delivered either before or after the birth of your baby.  It complements your ante-natal course and can include:


  • Care of the cord;
  • Swaddling;
  • Changing nappies and bathing;
  • Coping with your emotions;
  • Caring for yourself post-natally (rest, nutrition and birth recovery);
  • Healthy sleep habits for you and your baby;
  • Understanding and accessing further help.


A more in-depth stand-alone session can be offered on many of these subjects.  This is a very popular course for new grandmothers to share with their daughters and daughters-in-law.

Duration of the course:

2 hours

Suitable for:

All parents

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