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Returning to Work

Returning to work can seem like a big step but with forethought and planning, the practicalities can be made simpler and more manageable.  This session can be personalised to your requirements but will include:


  • Understanding your emotions and managing your expectations;
  • Childcare in the home (nanny, nanny share, au pair, family help);
  • Childcare in a formal setting (nursery, childminder, crèche);
  • Keeping your child with you (taking your child to work, working from home);
  • Pros and cons of these different types of childcare;
  • Payment options (vouchers, tax implications);
  • Your responsibilities to your nanny or au pair (duties, expectations, extras, holidays);
  • Interviews, contracts and employment law;
  • Managing sickness and emergencies;
  • Expressing breastmilk at work.

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