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GRT Bespoke Courses

Many schools and colleges can offer in-house training using the skills of their own staff, but many cannot.  And as competition for places in universities, colleges and for work placements increases,extra-curricular support in a wide variety of areas is something that most schools aspire to deliver.


We can help you to create courses specifically designed to fill the gaps in your sixth form enhancement programme, from the traditional such as The Essential CV Course to the modern ones like To Season or Not to Season, including relevant areas from other courses on the website, and even courses which we haven't thought of ourselves - do ask us, and if we can, we will.


We are continually reviewing, updating and planning new workshops so that they are consistently fresh, relevant and interesting, whilst retaining the traditional elements which are so important. 


And we will never compromise on quality, professionalism, value for money or fun in our delivery.

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